I live in Cornwall with my wife Sue and our dog Coco

I’ve been interested in performing from an early age. I got my first break outside of school plays when director Paul Annett came to our school back in 1978 and chose me for a major role in an ITV drama. Back then it was ATV who made the programme, Heartland. There were 8 episodes and I was to feature in episode 7 “The Sponge Man” set in Nottingham. It was a very exciting time for a 14 year old boy. I went to Elstree for a few days of rehearsals where they made the Muppet Show at the time! We filmed on location in Nottingham, then shot more indoor scenes in Birmingham studios. If you’d care to watch it and have an hour to spare, here it is. I appear in part two about 30 mins in, but don’t miss the 70s adverts, they are priceless! Although it was made in January of 1979, it wasn’t broadcast until January 1980 due to strike action at ATV!

I continued to appear in school plays and local drama group productions, but at the time I put aside my professional ambitions to be an actor and after attending Leeds Polytechnic to gain an HND in hotel management, I embarked on this career for a few years, working in the USA, Australia and Scotland.

A while later, returning to my home town, I started attending drama and singing workshops in Nottingham and this led to me helping to start an improv group Missimp

In 1999 I signed with Celex Casting for supporting artists to get experience of being ‘on set’ and watched the whole process develop. I’ve appeared in Danziel and Pascoe, Crossroads, Peak Practice, Coronation Street, Doctors, Hustle and plenty of police dramas. Sometimes I get upgraded to ‘walk on’ and have a few lines. Perhaps my best walk on role was in 2007 playing a French waiter serving David Jason breakfast and I had several lines.

I’ve appeared in student films, several corporate videos, professional roleplay scenarios, promotional costume work, a judge on a spoof version of the ‘X-Factor’, ‘murder mystery nights’ and regular comedy improv shows. I feel that I have more than enough experience to apply for larger roles through the casting process and in August 2012 attended a one week screen acting course at the Actors Studio at Pinewood to improve my showreel and enhance my skills.